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Socks & Shoes
Looking for jogging clothes that are comfortable and geared to meet your jogging needs can be quite overwhelming. I would suggest if you are a beginner to start with a really great pair of running socks. Your feet are your #1 concern. There are many different running socks on the market with numerous qualities to boost your running experience. You should look for a sock that enhances circulation, wicks moisture, and is antimicrobial.

  • Tip: A note on socks in the wintertime, don’t be tempted to layer them as your feet will end up colder. This will cut off the circulation to your feet, having the opposite effect.

Next would logically be the running shoes. As you probably know there is a huge selection of running shoes, and the only way to really get the correct pair for you is to go to a running store and try them on. But don’t stop there, you should actually jog around a little in them. Find a qualified person to help you because this is the most critical piece of running equipment that you will need to stay safe and avoid the dreaded running injuries.

If you are a woman runner, you will most likely want to find a really good sports bra—one that will pass the bounce test. Check out the sports bra site line. This site actually has the bounce tests on video. The sports bras will be right up at the top of your investment list, right along with shoes and socks.


Summer Months

In the summer months a pair of running shorts specific to the sport would be a logical next addition to your wardrobe. Regular cotton shorts may not cut it, if you are running or jogging often. They tend to absorb moisture and you will end up with chapped thighs. OUCH!

Taking advantage of the new fabrics on the market for jogging clothes will help you to be better prepared to exercise in various conditions of course. Sweat clings to cotton. Lycra pulls sweat away from the body and expels it. Along with things like support and rub, new materials can make running so much more pleasant and possibly even faster. Some of the new high tech clothing works to keep your body temperature down while managing the moisture at the surface of your skin.

  • Sweat Vac® race cap for example has the ability to draw moisture away from your head, into the outermost layer, where it evaporates quickly
  • Coolmax® or Lycra® wick moisture away quickly and dry in half the time of cotton. These materials make a great first layer (only layer in warm weather).
  • Lycra is a stretchy material and fits very snug, like a second skin. Long distance runners can appreciate that a fast drying fabric takes the rub out as well.
  • Gore-Tex® is another magical material. It allows steam through, but blocks rain because rain has a larger molecule than steam.


Winter Months

Lots of heat escapes through your head and hands. On a cold day, a hat keeps you toasty. Gloves or mittens keep your hands warm. Polar fleece is my favorite, maybe with a water resistant shell.

If it’s really frigid, you may want to add an insulating layer. Polar fleece works great. It allows moisture to continue away from you. It also keeps you warm even when it’s wet.
The legs don’t sweat as much as the torso, so usually one layer is sufficient.

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